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The cavity barriers and air vents use the patented Firebreather® technology. They have the unique feature of blocking the spread of flames and embers instantly. Our Firebreather technology solves, in an elegant way, problems which there were no good solutions for previously. In addition, ventilating through fire compartments has both become easier and cheaper than before.


How does the Firebreather® technology work?

The Firebreather® technology combines several elements. First, a flame arresting element that stops flames from the first second. Together with it, a heat absorbing and accumulating element that extends the flame arresting effect for up to five minutes. Also, a thermal bridge will prevent ignition on the unexposed side. Lastly, a grid of intumescent will expand and close the cavity, stopping the fire spread.

Firebreather solutions applied to the key concepts of passive protection

100% passive. Our products are passive, meaning there are no moving parts, detectors, activation, or cabling.

Application areas. The Firebreather® technology can be applied in different configurations, and application areas. Our ventilated fire stopping solutions can be implemented and customized in construction, offshore installations, shipping, batteries, industry, and more.

firebreather by securo