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Eaves Vent (Sold out)

Firebreather® Eaves Vent with certified fire resistance - Easiest and cheapest way to protect from fire spreading to the attic, while maintaining adequate venting.

Due to the raw material situation, this product has now been sold out.
We are working to replace the product with new raw materials, but it will then be considered a new product and must be certified and approved again.
This will unfortunately take some time and we will update this page as soon as we have new information.
Feel free to contact us for information about an alternative product!

The principle of attic ventilation

The principle of attic ventilation and venting through the eaves is widespread and has proven to be very effective since it was introduced.

Venting through the eaves ensures adequate venting of the roof structure and of the attic. It also prevents fungal growth and other moisture damage while keeping the roof surface cold, avoiding undesirable consequential damage from snow melting, and icing at the level of the eaves and the gutters. However, this principle has always been problematic during fire because of fire spreading to the ceiling and the roof, and by flames breaking out through the windows and up through the open air slots in the eaves. Fires that spread to cold ceilings often result in major material damage.


80% of all fires spread between terraced apartments are due to the spread to the attic via the eaves and further to neighboring apartments.

– Norwegian building authority


What is Firebreather Eaves Vent

Firebreather Eaves Vent is a simple and safe solution that both meets the need for venting through the eaves while effectively preventing the spread of fire. The vent is approved for 30 minutes of fire resistance (EI 30) and thus complies to the recommendations of fire cell limiting construction of eaves.

For the construction of new buildings, this means that one can achieve effective fire safety and still use the principle of cold roof and venting through eaves. For existing buildings with cold ceilings, sealing of the eaves and installing the Firebreather Eaves Vent is a suitable measure to achieve efficient fire safety without extensive building adaption.

The eaves vent is a passive product with no moving parts, detectors, wiring or activation. It has a patented set of metal elements that instantly prevent the penetration of flames containing intumescent material that expands when exposed to flames or hot gasses that completely seals the eaves vent for the classified period.

Certification: Sintef Norwegian Technical Approval 2405

Feel free to contact us if any questions


Environment – Nordic Ecolabelling

FB Eaves Vent is  listed in the database for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.





Eaves Vent Calculator

Ventilasjonsbehovet for takkonstruksjonen må prosjekteres i hvert enkelt tilfelle som grunnlag for valg av antall og plassering av lufteventilene. Kalkulatoren nedenfor gir en generell anbefaling ift minimum antall FB Takfotventiler per gulvareal på kaldt loft. Til grunnlag for beregningene i kalkulatoren er anbefalinger som blant annet fremkommer i boken Brandsäkra Trähus som er resultat av samarbeidsprosjektet Nordic Wood der blant andre Byggforsk deltar).

SINTEF Byggforsk Håndbok 51 Fleretasjes trehus anbefaler også at luftearealet av kalde loft/tak bør være 1/300 del av takets/loftets gulvareal. Det tas utgangspunkt i at det er totalt lufteareal inkludert areal for utlufting. Kalkulatoren angir anbefalt antall ventiler for innluft i takfot tilsvarende et areal på 1/600 av takets gulvareal. Det forutsettes konvensjonell utlufting i gavl. 1/300 totalt og 1/600 for innluft i takfot er vanligste verdiene som brukes også i andre land, f eks Federal Housing Administration (FHA) i USA.

For desimaltall bruk punktum mellom tallene.

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Order number
Size Fire class Article number Nobbnr.
495mm x 145mm x 73mm EI30 FBT-150-500-72-30 43740824

The concept

Firebreather technology (FB) is a unique concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles which has the exceptional characteristic that they block the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.

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Eaves Vent (Sold out)