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Advantages of the FB Cavity Barrier

Cavity barriers are firestop solutions installed in the façade cavity and sometimes at roof level. When a fire is a step away from spreading, measuring cavity barriers performance is crucial. The Firebreather technology and products stop flames instantly, from the first second.

Fundamental differences between cavity barriers on the market


Open state cavity barriers

Often made of intumescent material either wrapped in plastic, or combined with a slab made of rock wool, open state cavity barriers let flames, hot gases and embers pass before sealing the façade cavity. They take between 1 to 5 minutes to completely close the cavity depending on the intensity of the fire. During that time, fire can enter the building’s penetrations, such as gaps and windows, risking fire to spread to all the building.

competitive product

Open state fire resistant rated cavity barriers

Open state fire resistant rated cavity barriers do not let flames, hot gases, nor embers pass at any time, from the first second and during the fire rating time specified, while ensuring ventilation of the cavity in normal time.

The Firebreather Cavity Barrier, which is the result of this approach uses a combination of a firestop element which absorbs and accumulates high temperatures, enabling immediate stopping of the flames during the first 5 minutes; with a thermal bridge that prevents the unexposed part of the device from reaching a critical temperature, preventing ignition; and finally, a bar of intumescent material that expands to permanently seal the cavity.

Securo - Firebreather - Cavity Barrier

Advantages of the FB Cavity Barrier "Open State Fire Rated Resistant"

  • No bypassing fire compartments via perimeter wall-deck joint (A)
  • No bypassing fire compartments via air gaps to the window (B)
  • Limits fire spread on the outside (C)
  • Stops flames from the first second - direct flame impingement.
  • Stops burning droplets from spreading fire downwards.
  • The mesh always holds the intumescent in place.
  • Stops embers.
  • Stops birds, insects, and rodents from entering.

FB Cavity Barrier is tested according to the European standard EN 1366-4, American ASTM 2912, and has RISE certification.

Securo Firebreather - Cavity Barrier advantages

Comparative video

This video compares the performances of the FB Cavity Barrier with a competing product. When products are exposed to a high fire density, the FB Cavity Barrier stops the flames immediately, while the competing product allows the flames to pass for several minutes. In a real situation, the risk of fire spread to the entire building is real.