Tronn Røtvoll

Meet Tronn Røtvoll, our Global Sales Manager!

In his role as Sales and Marketing Manager, Tronn has overall responsibility for all sales and marketing activities on both a national and international level. His daily tasks include setting sales goals in line with the organization's overarching objectives, developing sales plans and strategies, budgeting, building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and clients, and staying updated on market trends through market research and competitor analysis. Additionally, he coordinates with other departments, negotiates contracts and agreements, and oversees the recruitment, training, and management of the sales team.

Tronn is known for his analytical, structured, and creative abilities, making him a valuable asset to the organization. Outside the office, you'll find Tronn in his element with hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. He prefers spending more time immersing himself in books than watching TV, enjoying everything from novels and biographies to science and history. Tronn also loves to travel and explore new places.

While his leisure time is diverse, Tronn dedicates most of it to being a football coach for his youngest son's team and attending other football-related activities. Tronn Røtvoll, a true multitasker who brings not only professional expertise but also passion and commitment to our team. ⚽📚✈️