Ole Øivind Skjetne

Get to know Ole Øivind Skjetne, a Levanger native and our dynamic leader of the technical department and product development! Outside of work, he is not only a genuine family man but also an enthusiast for life's small joys.

In the workplace, Ole Øivind is the powerhouse, with technical expertise and a sharp focus on development and innovation. He ensures that the technical department is in constant evolution, and his dedication to innovative solutions is evident in every project.

But it doesn't stop there! In the office, Ole Øivind is known as the cake enthusiast who adds extra sweetness to the workday. He ensures that no birthdays or celebrations go unnoticed without delicious treats. And when he's not busy with his three active daughters, you'll find him either running through the city in his sneakers, on the squash court in Rørahallen, or tinkering and fixing everything from cars to old electronics.

But wait, there's more! Ole Øivind is also an old-school gamer, reconnecting with old schoolmates for game nights whenever time allows. As the unwitting hero of North Trøndelag's cheapest tire hotel, he always steps up for family and friends.

Ole Øivind Skjetne not only spreads enthusiasm and professional expertise at work but also contagious energy and a smiling face. Welcome to his colorful world of technology, cakes, and unexpected adventures! 🚀🍰✨