Joakim Selnes

Get to know Joakim Selnes from Verdal. He shares his home with his partner, the cat Timon, and the dog Milo.

In the workplace, Joakim is part of the production team. He enjoys the production environment and takes care of machine repairs when necessary. He has many technical skills, which are valuable for maintaining an efficient production flow.

After the workday is over, Joakim has a penchant for tinkering with cars. Recently, he bought a house, so there will be many home improvement projects in the future. He also plays the guitar, filling the room with tones from songs he likes. In addition to his production job and leisure projects, you can find Joakim behind the wheel of a taxi or minibus from time to time. He also shares the joy of walks with his dog Milo.

Our conclusion is that Joakim is a "hands-on" guy; whether it's tackling technical challenges at work or playing the guitar and fixing cars.