Gøril Sørmo

Get to know Gøril Sørmo - an active lady from Verdal! At home, she lives with her son and a whopping 11 dogs 🐶

At work, Gøril is a valuable part of the production team, and as the only woman, she brings a good dynamic to the team.

When the workday is over, Gøril puts on her musher hat. Not only does she drive dogs herself but also facilitates for other members of the sled dog club, organizing gatherings, trail rides, and handling administrative tasks.
In addition to this, she invests significant time in planning and executing Tromsdal opplevelser, offering cave exploration, rappelling, and gorge walking to visitors from companies, schools, workplaces, and various groups.

Gøril's a nature enthusiast, loving her cabin in Ogndal or chilling in a tent by the water.
She's also part of the Norwegian Home Guard, making sure everyone has a blast during rehearsal exercises.

When she's not off on some outdoor escapade, Gøril's into training and hanging out with friends.

With her infectious passion for dogs, the rest of us are always learning something new about the world of dog sledding.