Frode Resve

Get to know Frode Resve! He resides in Verdal with his wife, two children, and their dog named Luna.

As the general manager at Securo, Frode is responsible for leading Securo towards our goals. This includes developing strategies, managing daily operations, financial management, personnel responsibilities, external representation, risk management, technological and professional updates, as well as ensuring legal and ethical compliance. Frode possesses key competencies such as strategic thinking, operational competence, and interpersonal skills, making him an excellent leader for us.

Outside of work, Frode is passionate about history. He enjoys searching into historical mysteries and can spice up any conversation with facts from the past.

Frode also likes to stay active. Whether alone or with his son, he often embarks on running adventures through the local mountains around Verdal. He frequently spends his weekends at the cabin in Malm, where he takes great pleasure in fishing.

In summary, Frode is a skilled leader with a passion for history, nature and a good fishing trip.