Frank Braumann

Get to know Frank Braumann.

Frank joined us in the production team, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a vibrant personal life. Originally from Germany, Frank has made Levanger his home.

Frank boasts a robust background in construction engineering. With over 10 years of hands-on experience as a carpenter and academic studies in civil engineering, he is well-equipped to contribute significantly to our production team.

Outside of work, Frank is an active participant in the local board-game club in Levanger. He enjoys the camaraderie and strategic challenges that board-gaming provides. Additionally, Frank likes to climb in is spare time, embracing the physical and mental challenges it offers. When time permits, he indulges in his love for history, particularly the Viking era, finding joy in reliving stories from this fascinating period.

Frank's blend of professional expertise and engaging personal interests make him a valuable addition to our team. We are excited to have him with us and look forward to the contributions he will bring to Securo!