Charlotte Riberg Sundfær

Meet Charlotte Riberg Sundfær. She shares her home in Levanger with her husband, children, and a dog.

With approximately 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and diverse expertise from administrative positions in both the private and public sectors, Charlotte brings valuable and diverse background to our team.

Outside of work, Charlotte fills her days with a mix of exercise, family activities, and social gatherings. She enjoys local trips with both her husband and dog. Cabin trips to Åre and Vulusjøen are highly prioritized. She is very interested in Formula 1, Liverpool, cars, and music. Ideally, she would spend her free time at the cabin in the charming fishing village of Sissi in Crete.

In her role as office manager at Securo, she sets high standards for service and customer care. Charlotte maintains good communication and takes care of the employees. She also showcases her organizational talent when planning and executing social events, enriching our pleasant working environment.

Charlotte's role includes support functions for several departments, and her experience makes her a valuable asset to the company.