Bengt Are Zakariassen

Get to know Bengt Are Zakariassen better! He resides in Verdal with a 14-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son.

At work, Bengt Are is the head of business development at Securo, a role that involves finding new markets and opportunities for the company. He closely follows technical development (R&D) while also managing the markets where Securo is already present.

Outside of work, Bengt Are is a versatile person with diverse interests. He is very passionate about music, playing the guitar and singing, often with his daughter. Apart from music, he enjoys reading non-fiction, and his free time revolves around activities with his children. During the summer, you can find him on the open road with his bicycle or on the water, as long as the boat is not on land being repaired.


In the afternoons, Bengt Are often dedicates his time to local politics and union work in Innherred. When not occupied with that, he spends valuable time with his children, providing him with a balanced and meaningful daily life.


From music, boats, politics, to non-fiction, Bengt Are contributes a lot to the social atmosphere here at Securo.