Adrian Petersen Aksnes

Meet Adrian Petersen Aksnes, from Verdal. He shares his home with his partner, and in the professional realm, he is actively involved in the production of our fire-resistant vents.

Outside of the workplace, Adrian is a motor enthusiast. He often spends his time with his hands under the hood of his yellow BMW 3 Series. His love for speed and engine sounds extends to snowmobiling, allowing him to enjoy the fresh air and speed on winter's snow-covered roads.

After the workday is over, Adrian shifts his focus to social activities. He enthusiastically participates in football and basketball games with his friends. Adrian also values time with friends and family, always ready for enjoyable moments and memorable experiences.

Adrian Petersen Aksnes strikes a perfect balance between technical expertise and social engagement, enriching our team and contributing to the creation of a positive and dynamic work environment.