Webinar – Enhancing Fire Safety in Ventilated Façades.

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Join Securo on December 13th & 20th for a deep dive into “Enhancing Fire Safety: Open State Cavity Barriers with Instant Fire Stop.” 🏢

In the realm of passive fire protection for ventilated façades, Securo is at the forefront, addressing the dangers posed by fires in these structures. 🏗️💡

✅ Cutting-Edge Technology:

Explore our advanced products and technology designed to offer unparalleled protection for ventilated façades.

✅ Open State Cavity Barriers:

Learn how our cavity barriers, equipped with instant firestop, effectively compartmentalize façades, ensuring superior safety.

✅ Sustainability & Cost-Efficiency:

Discover how implementing Securo’s solutions not only enhances safety but also contributes to leaner, more sustainable, and cost-efficient constructions.

✅ Optimized Building Processes:

Through reduced material usage and rapid installation, our solutions promise optimized building processes.

🔥 Firebreather® Technology: Unveil the revolutionary Firebreather® technology, designed to instantly halt the spread of flames, heat, and embers during a fire, transforming passive ventilation grilles and cavity barriers.

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– December 13th, 12:00

– December 20th, 09:00

💬 For inquiries, contact Sales Manager Tronn Røtvoll at [email protected].

Don’t miss out on uncovering the market’s leading solutions for ensuring passive fire-safe façades. 🔒✨

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