Expansion with a New Production Facility

We are pleased to announce a significant expansion here at Securo. With the addition of our new production hall, we now have a total of four facilities available for storage, production, and development. Strategically located within the same building as our existing offices, this latest addition ensures efficiency and easy access for our team.

This expansion represents more than just increased production capacity. It also allows us to introduce a state-of-the-art development and testing laboratory. This will enable us to accelerate product development and improvement while maintaining the quality standards that Securo is known for.

As our CEO, Frode Resve, noted, "This is a crucial step in our growth strategy, which will help us meet growing demand and further solidify our position as a leading provider of fire safety solutions in Europe."

As we prepare for this transition, the new hall will become operational as soon as the current tenant has vacated. We look forward with excitement to the opportunities this expansion will bring for our customers and partners. We value your collaboration and look forward to continued growth and success together.