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Gap Vent

A vent designed specifically to fireproof smaller gaps and openings in the façade while maintaining the necessary venting.

Gap Vent with fire resistance

Securo Gap Vent is developed by Securo specifically for fireproofing smaller gaps and openings in the façade while maintaining required venting.

The Gap Vent has a unique flexible quality. It can be pressed flat and will bounce back to its original shape when the pressure is released. This makes it suitable for narrow air gaps of varying widths.
The product is easily installed by hand and is barely visible from the outside when installed. The vent is easy to remove if desired without leaving any marks or damage on the construction. It is therefore suitable for protecting heritage buildings.

The Gap Vent consists of a steel mesh tube with intumescent core. The vent does not seal the cavity when it is installed, but allows necessary venting.

The mesh is designed to instantly stop penetration flames and embers.
The intumescent will expand when exposed heat, sealing the vent and preventing fire from spreading.

Standard size is 20 mm in diameter and can be used in gaps from 10 mm to 16 mm.

Tested according to: prEN 1364-6: 2016.

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Documentation and descriptions

The concept

Firebreather technology (FB) is a unique concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles which has the exceptional characteristic that they block the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.

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