FAQ – Passive fire protection

There are two types of ventilated cavity barriers: “open state” cavity barriers and “open state fire resistance rated” cavity barriers.

“Open state” cavity barriers provide ventilation of the façade cavity thanks to a gap that allows air flow. They are commonly either plastic-wrapped intumescent strips, or a combination of mineral wool slab and some intumescent. These can take several minutes to fully close the cavity in case of a fire.

“Open state fire resistance rated” cavity barriers do not let flames nor heat pass at any time in case of a fire, while ensuring ventilation in normal time.

Securo provides “Open state fire resistance rated” cavity barriers are made of arresting elements that will keep flames and heat from entering the air gap during the first couple minutes in addition to some intumescent material that will fully close the cavity during that time.

In a video, Securo has undertaken a comparative test showing 2 cavity barriers, with evidence that there is a performance gap between products on the market.

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